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The only floating restaurant in the 1000 Islands

In A Tradition Of Floating Hospitality The Thomson Family Proudly Presents Capt.’s Landing the only floating restaurant in the 1000 Islands.

With half its kitchen beneath the surface of the St. Lawrence River, this is truly the 1000 Islands Region’s most unique restaurant.

Elegant dining, casual dress, exquisite cuisine, all on the water with absolutely the most spectacular view of Boldt Castle available from anywhere in Alexandria Bay. Every table enjoys wonderful views through large picture windows, or choose to dine on one of our outside decks.

Capts Landing on waterTop-side in our bar you will enjoy the view and a unique casual atmosphere with old friends and new. Up here the fact that we are floating is a bit more obvious. Experience the gentle sensation of cruising on the St. Lawrence without actually leaving the dock. Perhaps it is the soothing feeling of being on the water that adds to the camaraderie, creating an extraordinary social atmosphere.

Capts Landing Dining areaCapt.’s Landing was first opened as a restaurant on July 1, 1989. Prior to that date its foundation served as a dredge on the New York State Barge Canal system. It was purchased for scrap by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Acton-Bond of Manotick, Ontario in 1985. Their intention was to turn the vessel into a floating house. It was towed from Lyons, New York, through the Erie and Oswego Barge Canals to Oswego, then across Lake Ontario to Kingston, and up the Rideau Canal System to the Rideau Manor Marina in Canada. Along the way her roof was sheared off by one of the numerous bridges that were encountered on the trip to Manotick. The subsequent sale of the marina by the Bonds, before they could realize their dream of converting it to a floating home, necessitated the moving of “Big Blue” as they called her, back to Kingston. That’s where Ron & Corinne Thomson first saw the vessel and imagined her converted into a restaurant. A deal was struck and she was floated to Alexandria Bay in October, 1988.

Capts Landing outside seating areaThe twin 450 horse power De Laverne diesel engines and the DC electrical generators connected to them were from World War II submarines that had been decommissioned and sold to the State of New York. They were removed to make room for a kitchen. Since the vessel draws approximately 5 feet of water, half the kitchen is actually under water.

Construction proceeded through the winter under the direction of John P. Cronin III, Corinne Thomson’s father, and the doors were opened to the public for the first time on Saturday, July 1, 1989.

The restaurant is anchored on the edge of a granite ledge, with the entrance area in 10 to 15 feet of water while the depth at the Boldt Castle side 35 to 40 feet. Anchor blocks comprised of 18 tons of concrete are secured to each corner of the hull. The anchor chain, from a scrapped “laker,” weighs 22 pounds per foot. A custom made locking system coupled with 3 ton concrete counter weights keep the four anchor chains tight at all times, thus stabilizing the vessel against most of the effects of waves and rough water. What is left is a gentle hint of motion – just enough to remind you that we are actually floating.

Capts Landing floating restaurantCapt.’s Landing is now a part of Capt. Thomson’s Resort, both named after Ron Thomson’s grandfather, the late Capt. C. S. Thomson (1876-1967). The top of the upstairs bar features pictures of “CAP” along with many of his original tour boats and his Crossman Hotel, which used to be located on the large rock outcropping behind the restaurant.

Be sure not to miss this unique dining experience.

Contact Information

2 James St
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607

Phone: 315-482-7777

Location of the Capt.’s Landing Restaurant

Please verify all pricing, menu items, and hours of operation with the business.

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