Bike Tours

The physically fit tourist can appreciate that there is simply no better way to tour the thousand islands region than by some carefully planned bike tours. Whether roughing it with a backpack, or carrying your bike on the back of your SUV, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to cycle through some of the most scenic countryside in the world as you vacation here in the 1000 islands. Pedal through the thousand islands on your sturdy mountain bike or 21 speed racer, or cruise along on your Honda or Harley. Which ever form of biking vacation or cycle holiday suits your touring lifestyle, the 1000 islands will offer you a most memorable bike trip. Bicycle or motorcycle travel lets you breathe in the breathtaking beauty of the 1000 islands. Plan your next biking tour or cycling trip in the thousand islands. Some motorized vehicle restrictions may apply at certain state parks or hiking trails, but your bicycle is welcome almost universally.