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Located On the St. Lawrence River at Fisher’s Landing, N.Y. between Alexandria Bay and Clayton

Foxys LogoDining at Foxy’s is just one of those things you have to do in order to fully appreciate the beauty and romance of the Thousand Islands. Foxy’s is located on the water’s edge at Fisher’s Landing, between Alexandria Bay and Clayton. Speckled with a dozen nearby islands and shoals, the panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River from Foxy’s is nothing short of spectacular.

Combine Foxy’s stunning scenic splendor with the culinary expertise displayed in Italian/American menus that are full of outstanding cuisine selections, and you’ll understand why no one should visit the 1000 Islands without also visiting Foxy’s.

With 225 feet of private dock space reserved for Foxy’s patrons, arriving by boat is just as easy as by car. Lunch at Foxy’s is just about the best way you can imagine to take a break from all the excitement of a day on the water. Drive in, sail in, jet in, ski in, paddle, row or swim. However you get here, be sure to bring along a good appetite and be ready to treat yourself to a meal you will fondly remember.

Foxy’s friendly atmosphere also offers a good place to relax, sharpen your billiards skills, or catch up on conversation with friends.

Foxys RestaurantFoxy’s food is elegant, but the flavor of the restaurant is really a family affair. The Fox family doesn’t just own Foxy’s, they live it! Foxy’s established its reputation as a family business with real Italian home cooking in 1955, when Lloyd and Mary Fox opened the first restaurant on the premises.

The owners take great pride in serving up bountiful and delicious Italian American dishes on the same cottage foundation built by Larry’s grandfather “Captain” Clarence Fox. Dining at Foxy’s is truly a lesson in what having pride in your heritage can do. Many of the recipes have been a family tradition for 4 generations.

Foxy’s is one of the most popular restaurants in the 1000 Islands Region. Reservations are highly recommended, especially on weekends. In a day of fast foods and impersonal eateries, you will truly appreciate the repast you’ll find in this haven along the St. Lawrence, and at the same time sense the proud family atmosphere of a bye-gone era.

Foxy’s Lounge has a “family room” atmosphere, a nice place to socialize or to challenge your family and friends to one of several games. Or let the kids entertain themselves playing foosball, bowling, pool, or video games while the adults enjoy conversation after dinner.

A Brief History

If coming to Foxy’s makes you think of “coming home,” it may be partly because the structure was the cottage home of Captain Clarence Fox in 1922. It was used for many purposes over the years, including construction of St. Lawrence skiffs and other boats. Clarence Fox earned the honorary title of “Captain” from the many islanders he ferried to and from their summer homes back in those days. The building was also used as a big-band dance hall, where you could dance the night away for only 10¢ a turn. Clarence sold the property in 1942, and it didn’t return to the family until 1955 when his son Lloyd re-purchased it. His wife, Mary, had an extraordinary ability to prepare delicious Italian food and make her guests feel at home. Their son, Larry, today recalls that, “Mom ran the kitchen, Dad ran the lounge, and all the little Foxes helped out in any way we could.”

Larry met Diane in Europe while he was serving in the Air Force. Upon returning home they both worked at the restaurant, and the dream of running the place together one day was born. But the restaurant again fell away from the family when Lloyd sold the place, nearly shattering that dream until one day in 1988. Then living in Arizona with a thriving career in real estate, Larry learned that the old homestead and restaurant were again on the market. A glance at the ad in the newspaper, and a knowing stare into each other’s eyes, was all it took for Larry and Diane to make the decision that reshaped their lives. “Once a River Rat, always a River Rat,” recalls Larry. “With St. Lawrence River water and Mom’s spaghetti sauce flowing in my veins since birth, it was the easiest decision of my life.”

With all this family spirit wafting through the place, as you dine at Foxy’s you can’t help but get the feeling that you, too, are a part of the family. When you visit the 1000 Islands, be sure to include “coming home to Foxy’s” among your dining plans.

Located On the St. Lawrence River at Fisher’s Landing, N.Y. between Alexandria Bay and Clayton

Contact Information

Main Point Road
Fishers Landing, NY 13641
United States

Phone: (315) 686-1191 or (315) 686-3781

Location of the Foxy’s

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